This healthy baby food site came about because of our mutual love of healthy, wholesome food and of wanting to create great food for our own hungry little ones. We like cooking for ourselves and others, and when our babies became old enough to start eating, we turned our hands to creating lots of different, healthy baby food recipes. Our focus was on creating mini versions of our own dishes, with a few twists to meet the nutritional needs and limitations of little people at different stages, such as added fats and iron, or avoiding salt and sugars.

During conversations with other parents we began to understand that many are unsure about what kinds of baby food to offer and when – and many are too busy to sift through all the often overly complex information available about wholesome baby food.

We knew that there were a number of surprisingly quick, simple and nutritious recipes that we relied on for meals and snacks, both at home and on the run. Friends began requesting our baby food recipes, ideas and little tips. People started telling us that we should start a blog to share our knowledge and recipes with others. So we did.

We decided to create a simple, beautiful, easy-to-use site dedicated to baby food and children’s food. On this site we will share a few of our favourite recipes, tricks and ideas and provide clear and simple information about the most important aspects of childhood nutrition.

Our recipes are calculated based on our own very hungry one-year-olds, so depending on your child’s appetite you might be yielding a different portion size. Almost all of our recipes are easily frozen, so you can prepare a number of portions which you can freeze separately and defrost for a later meal.

We believe that babies and children deserve to eat real, nutritious food, just like adults, but we also recognize that sometimes it takes a little extra entertainment and imagination to get them to enjoy all the foods we want them to eat.

We hope that you enjoy our site.