Apple, blueberry & broccoli puree

Suitable from 4 months

Apple, blueberry & broccoli puree
Ever since I read this study about the benefits of eating broccoli and cauliflower I’ve been obsessed with making sure my family eats enough of it. So far it has paid off with my son, who has been eating it in puree form since he began to eat and nowadays will happily munch his way through half a broccoli spear.

Broccoli is quite a strong taste for small babies, particularly in a concentrated puree form, but remember that at around 6-7 months most babies will eat whatever you feed them, even if they grimace a bit with the first few spoonfuls. This period is is the ideal time to introduce all kinds of stronger tastes, from broccoli to garlic and even a little curry.

We added blueberries because they are delicious and full of nutrients, especially Vitamin C, which will help your baby absorb the maximum amount of iron from this puree. Along with the apples they add a little sweetness, but not too much, because it is also important for your baby to get used to sour and bitter tastes at this stage, or at least not eat too much sweet stuff.

Recipe tips
Cinnamon is a strong, warm spice and can be an allergen (my son is allergic), producing a red rash around the mouth. This is very common, but watch out for it and consult your doctor if necessary because it can sometimes cause more severe allergic reactions later. It is best to leave out the cinnamon until 8 months of age for this reason.

This puree can change color when in contact with air, which doesn’t look as appetizing – so serve immediately, transfer to airtight container and keep in the fridge, or freeze straight away for future use.

If you have some left over, this puree can also be used as an adult sauce on wild meat (or – I think – even chicken, though my husband did not agree with me) or mixed into oatmeal as a fruit topping.


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