Apricot, coconut & walnut cookies

Suitable from 12 months

Apricot, coconut & walnut cookies
It is always useful to have a good cookie recipe to hand, especially when you have children. You never know when your husband or one of your children might unexpectedly bring home a guest, or a friend will pop in unannounced. Swedish winters are long and dark, so there are plenty of opportunities for cosy afternoon tea with friends.

I like to create quick and tasty recipes that I can rustle up and serve in less than half an hour.

These gluten-free cookies are light, chewy, extremely flavorful and best of all, healthy. They are quick to make, quick to cook and will be a hit with everyone from your toddler to your granny. If you don’t like guests, think carefully before offering these. Seriously.

Recipe tips
The texture and taste of these homemade cookies can be varied depending how much dried fruit, nuts and coconut you add. Adding more coconut will make them a bit more crumbly, whilst adding more dried fruit will make them sweeter. It is very important to squeeze the dough quite tightly before rolling into balls. You may notice that the cookies are delicate when hot, because of the almond flour, so handle them carefully until cooled, cooling on cooking tray if possible.

Variations include date instead of apricots or cranberry and pecan. You could also try using coconut flour if you don’t have almond flour available.


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  1. Gluten Free Cookies says:

    Kids like cookies very much! Thanks

  2. Yummy! Can’t wait to try this!

  3. Cheesebanana says:

    Thank you for your beautiful website and inspiring recipes! I am trying keep my 7 month babies diet nut free for the moment but love the sound of a lot of your recipes that use almond meal, please can you advise what I could use instead? Would most flours be an ok alternative?

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi there,

      Are you keeping her diet free because of allergies? Since otherwise there is no need. However, if you just prefer it then if you give me the name of a specific recipe I can probably give more guidance. It doesn’t really work to substitute white flour for nut flour in the same quantities and it depends on the recipe.