In the health community, eggs are widely regarded as “the best protein source on the planet”. In in addition to containing all nine essential amino acids, eggs are high in excellent-quality of protein and loaded with nutrients like iron. Children over 6 months old require extra iron in their diet, making eggs a perfect early food. It may be wise however to exclude the egg white until your child is at least 10 months old, in order to avoid egg-white allergies.

One of the most important health benefits of eggs is the high Choline content in the yolks. Experts believe that early exposure to Choline (during the first 3 years of life) can increase memory capability. Eggs are essential for your child’s developing brain. What’s more, they are cheap, and quick and easy to make. See below links for egg-based recipes your baby and children will love!

Tips and tricks

There are so many different ways to prepare eggs that you are sure to find one that your child will like. Some children may not like the rubbery texture of boiled egg white while others might go through phases of not eating eggs at all – an easy and often successful way to feed eggs is to scramble them or to make them into an omlette.

This is also the perfect way to pack in more nutrients: You can for example grate carrots, peppers and beetroot into omlettes or add chopped herbs, rocket leaves and even green beans. When making scrambled eggs or omlettes you can also add a small amount of milk and cheese (mozarella is the lowest in saturated fat) to give the egg a slightly fluffier texture.

Fun facts to share with your children

Eggs spin easily if they are hard-boiled, but wobble if they are raw. It might be best to try this trick with a hard-boiled egg!

The color of the egg shell is not related to nutrients, flavour or quality. White eggs are produced by hens with white ear lobes. Brown eggs are produced by hens with red ear lobes.

The are some 150 chicken species and hundreds of chicken breeds.

An average healthy hen will lay an around 350 eggs in her lifetime, depending on breed.

Seasonal eating

Eggs are available all year-round. It is best to eat organic eggs.

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