Hemp seed

Hemp seeds
Hemp seed is widely renowned as one of the most nutritionally complete foods. It is an excellent and easily digestible source of essential fatty acids and has the perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to sustain human health. EFAs strengthen the immune system and nourish the brain, skin, and almost every system in the body, so they are very important for babies and children. We recommend ensuring that everyone in the family consumes at least one teaspoon of shelled soft hemp seed at least once per day.

Tips and Tricks

Hemp seed can be added to almost anything and it is best served raw to preserve its nutrients. Make it a yogurt or muesli “fairy dust” sprinkle for small children or add it to a smoothie for an EFA-packed breakfast or snack. Alternatively serve it right from the spoon, sprinkle on a salad for older children and adults, or add it to your raw food balls, see below for recipes!

Fun facts to share with your children

Until 1883, around 80% of all US paper was made with Hemp.

A bridge in the South of France dated 500-700 AD was made with hemp.

In 1941, Henry Ford produced a car that was partly made from hemp.

The original Levi Strauss jeans were made with hemp.

Try explaining to a child reluctant to eat hemp seeds (although we have yet to find one) that if hemp can do all of these things, imagine how strong it will make their bodies!

Seasonal eating

Soft hemp seeds are available as a packaged product all year round.

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