Top 50 antioxidant-rich foods

funkyfruitskewers_edited_smallWe are always hearing about the importance of antioxidants and how we should all be eating more of them. But what are they, which foods contain them and how can we easily include them in our diets?

We have done the hard work for you. Here is a table of the top 50 antioxidants in foods, with some recipe ideas for how to include them in your daily diet.

FoodAntioxidant content (mmol/100g)Recipe suggestions
Ground cloves125.5Pumpkin Pie Spice
Dried oregano40.3 Zucchini Muffins
Dog Rose Berries (Rosa Canina)35Recipe Coming Soon
Ground ginger21.6Pumpkin Pie Spice
Walnuts17.9 Raw Chocolate Brownies
Ground cinnamon17.6Pumpkin Pie Spice
Ground turmeric15.7Banana Lassi
Dried basil12.3Smashed egg sandwich
Pomegranate11.3Peel and eat!
Ground mustard seed10.5Rainbow salad
Curry powder10Chicken, garlic & coconut burgers
Pecans9.7Paleo Granola
Crowberry9.6Recipe Coming Soon
Unsweetened cocoa powder8.9Raw Chocolate Brownies; Warming Winter Cocoa
Paprika8.6Vegetarian Lasagne; Chicken Tagine
Chili powder8.4Lentil stew; Stuffed Peppers
Dried parsley7.4Stuffed Peppers
Wild Strawberry7Recipe Coming Soon
Blackcurrant5.9Recipe Coming Soon
Blackberry5.8Recipe Coming Soon
Sunflower seed5.4Rainbow salad
Blackstrap molasses4.9Recipe Coming Soon
Black pepper4.4Rosemary Crackers; Lamb and feta meatballs
Artichokes4.2Recipe Coming Soon
Dark chocolate4.2Recipe Coming Soon
Blackberries4Recipe Coming Soon
Raspberries3.4Raspberry balls
Cranberries3.3Recipe Coming Soon
Apricot3.2Porridge with apricots
Kale2.6 Rainbow salad
Grape2.4Funky fruit skewers
Red cabbage2.1Recipe Coming Soon
Blueberries2.1Berry Compote
Strawberries2.1Strawberry Smoothie; Frozen yogurt; Avocado smoothie
Prunes2Recipe Coming Soon
Raw orange/yellow peppers2Stuffed Peppers
Fresh Parsley2Vegetable Frittata
Broad bean1.9Recipe Coming Soon
Red beetroot1.9Beetroot burgers
Cherries1.8Recipe Coming Soon
Cooked red peppers1.6Stuffed Peppers
Mustard1.5Beetroot burgers
Pistachios1.4Recipe Coming Soon
Pineapple1.36Recipe Coming Soon
Kiwi fruit1.3Funky fruit skewers
Plums1.3Bircher Muesli
Coffee (adults only)1.25 Chocolate pudding
Pinto bean1.23Recipe Coming Soon
Frozen spinach1.23Mint choc-chip smoothie
Ground flaxseed1.2Recipe Coming Soon
Date1Spicy Ginger Balls