Baby omelette

Suitable from 6 months

Baby omelette
Eggs can be one of baby’s first foods, which nowadays means around 6 months of age unless like me you wean a little earlier because your baby is hyperventilating at the mere sight of your dinner. A 2008 study found no benefit to delaying egg introduction in babies who had no known risk of allergy, although some doctors still advise parents to try the yolk first. The egg-white protein causes most adverse reactions.

There are other good reasons to introduce the yolk first. Its nutritional value is higher, both in terms of fat and nutrients such as choline, and it contains less sodium. In fact, one of the most nutritious foods one can eat is a soft boiled organic egg yolk. Modern farming means that salmonella infections from reputable sources are very unlikely these days. However, because there is still a risk, albeit extremely low, the official advice is that it is still better to cook eggs fully for babies. This omelette is a good way of getting some vegetables in at the same time.

Recipe tips
We’ve included the vegetables we had available, but you can use any vegetable you can chop up small enough for your baby’s particular needs, or leave it plain. We have been asked if one could add cheese – yes you can, but we prefer to avoid milk from animals and cheese also contains a lot of sodium so we don’t recommend it.


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