Bircher muesli

Suitable from 6 months

Bircher Muesli

Give your little ones a great start to the day with this quick & easy, delicious variation of the famous Bircher muesli. Even fussy eaters are sure to love it. We know of dads who were asked to finish a baby’s leftover portion at breakfast and have requested their own bowl the next morning! Older children might have fun mixing their own personal version of Bircher muesli with their favourite ingredients.

Recipe tips
You can vary the fruit according to taste and season. In summer, try adding fresh mixed berries, chopped peaches or plums. Chunks of oranges, chopped dates, nuts or almonds and a hint of cinnamon make for a wonderful winter muesli. If you are using regular oats, soak them in water overnight in the fridge before using them in the morning.


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  1. Do you cook the oats when you make the breakfast muesli? I am an American so our way of making oatmeal may be a bit different? I am looking to add some extra protein and weight on my picky 16 month old baby boy.

    Thank you for your advice and I very much enjoy this blog!

    Take Care,

    Leah Cybulski

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi Leah,

      Thanks so much! No we don’t – but you should soak them. In England (and Sweden) cooked oats makes a porridge, not a muesli. Soaking them is very important (even if you cook them afterwards) because oats contain phytic acid, which can actually impair the intake of nutrients like iron and calcium. Soaking them breaks down the phytic acid. One tip I can suggest to add some nutrition and extra fat – raw oils. Avocado oil, sesame oil (so long as no allergies), walnut oil – on a spoon, or drizzled over his porridge or muesli. And hemp seeds. Sprinkling raw (hulled, so they are soft and chewy) organic hemp seed on muesli, salad, in smoothies etc. is the perfect way to add some fat and nutrition to a child’s diet. My son loves them.

  2. Jennifer L. says:

    For a recipe like this, do you let the muesli sit over-night or do you soak the oats before adding them? Or do you whip it up and serve?

    I wonder if this would work with quinoa flakes?

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi Jennifer! I usually just put it in the fridge overnight, but if you had pre-soaked oats, you could then just add the rest of the ingredients. I wouldn’t use unsoaked oats, particularly not for a child.