Chicken, garlic & coconut burgers

Suitable from 10 months

Chicken, garlic & coconut burgers
It is very easy to make the same “trademark dish” over and over again, particularly when you are a busy mother or father with demanding little mouths to feed. We often make homemade burgers of some sort when we are in a rush because they are very easy and quick to make and since there are many variations you need never get bored.

This is one of my favourite versions – it is both healthy, delicious and low fat, with plenty of essential fatty acids and allicin, the compound which makes garlic so good for the heart.

Recipe tips
These burgers can be grilled, barbequed, fried or steamed. They taste best when lightly fried in a little olive oil, but do so on low to medium heat, as it is healthier to fry that way. If you don’t have minced chicken available, use chicken breast fillets and mince with a blender.

Serve burgers with steamed broccoli or a green salad with avocado and our mint tzatziki.


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