Chicken, leek & rosemary puree

Suitable from 6 months

Chicken, leek & rosemary puree
Your baby will need to start to eat protein around the age of 6-7 months, depending when she started eating solids. Unless you are vegetarian and are raising your baby as a vegetarian, now is the time to introduce some meat, poultry and fish into her diet. Chicken is a good starter protein because it is mild, purees easily and combines well with all kinds of vegetables.

Leek is a delicious, sweet vegetable. Although some are worried about introducing strong foods such as those from the onion family to babies, leeks are fairly mild and full of important nutrients like Vitamins K, E and Manganese. It is a good idea to introduce as many new tastes as possible before 8-9 months, when some children can begin to reject certain tastes.

For those who do not wish to puree their baby’s food, this recipe can be made as a baby-led weaning dish by skipping step 4.

Recipe tips
We have included rosemary but you can use any herb, dried or fresh. Basil, thyme or mixed herbs would complement this combination well. We always steam vegetables because it helps to retain the nutrients and tastes better. It is best to steam or broil chicken for children (and even adults) to avoid chemicals created when frying. It is also softer and easier to puree. If you don’t have one, we recommend purchasing a simple steam pan or flower steamer. It is is a very cheap piece of equipment and you will use it often.


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