Children’s spicy latte

Suitable from 12 months

Children's spicy latte
A warming spice drink is a wonderful way to beat the winter chill. I spend half the winter with a warm drink or soup in my hands and my little ones don’t miss out because we mix them their own little winter lattes, sans caffeine of course. They love to help mix it and sit with their little hands wrapped around the warm mug.

We even bought them some glögg/mulled wine cups to use as miniature latte mugs. Children’s sturdy water glasses work just as well. Our mugs and glasses make exactly 100ml lattes. You can adapt this recipe to the size of the mug or glass you are using. This is a great recipe to make together with your toddler or child. Be aware that cinnamon is quite a strong spice and some children are allergic to it.

Recipe tips
We use calcium-enriched oat milk for this recipe, partly because we don’t eat dairy and partly because the oats give a hint of natural sweetness. Cows milk, goats milk, sheeps milk, almond milk and soya milk (and probably any other milk you have in your fridge) will work just as well. Because oat milk is quite sweet, we add water. If you prefer you can use 100ml milk or whatever other combination you like.

Always check the temperature of a warm drink before you give it to your toddler or child in order to avoid the risk of burning.



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