Vegetable frittata with chicken

Suitable from 10 months

Colourful vegetable frittata with chicken
This dish makes a wonderfully quick, cheap and nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner for all the family. Children love the bright colours and different textures of the peppers, carrots and tomatoes and little ones who can talk will especially like the name frittata: such a fun name for little mouths to say.

We usually make this when we are short of time and out of ideas, and particularly when we have chicken left over from a roast the day before. My son loves to ‘help’ chop and sample the vegetables and sprinkle them into the pan with supervision – frittata is quick to make and the perfect meal for teaching small children how to prepare a dish for the family. You could even pack this up and take to a picnic!

Recipe tips
We have deliberately kept the ingredient list simple, but if you don’t have all the ingredients you can omit some, or add any others you fancy, such as stoned olives, spinach or grated zucchini. Vegetarians can omit the chicken, or replace with steamed or sauteed tofu or feta cheese. For babies and toddlers under two, ensure that the vegetable pieces are small enough to avoid any risk of choking.


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