Dairy-free chocolate ice lollies

Suitable from 10 months

Dairy-free chocolate ice lollies
At the start of the summer my son and I decided to make ice lollies. On a hot and sweaty summer day, we found no better way to quickly cool down and we ate them all summer long. These are the easiest ice lollies that I have ever made and they were an instant hit. The ingredients are 100% natural and they contain no added sugar. The best thing is that they take at least 15 minutes to eat, which means 15 minutes of peace and quiet for mum and dad.

In our picture, we use moulds from Barnmatsburken, together with wooden sticks which you can get at your local hardware store or flower shop and cut to size.

Recipe tips
We use an oat milk yogurt by Oatly which is currently only available in Sweden. Dairy yogurt makes a lolly that is a little more icy and oats are naturally sweeter, but if you don’t have access to oat yogurt then dairy yogurt will also work (we’ve tried it for you).


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