Delicious turmeric banana lassi

Suitable from 8 months

Delicious turmeric banana lassi

The days are getting shorter and darker as winter approaches and we are spending much more time indoors than we did during the summer. It’s the season of cosy ‘fika’ as they say in Sweden, which roughly means ‘to drink coffee with squash’, usually accompanied by something sweet. For us it just means an excuse to make something delicious and healthy and cosy up together around the kitchen table, either alone or with friends. This weekend we had some left over pumpkin pie spice, so we made a spicy drink to share. Usually we make spicy tea, but this week has been surprisingly warm in Stockholm, so we decided to make a chilled lassi.

There are many different kinds of lassi, both savoury and sweet. Some are made with banana, others with mango, although traditionally lassi, an Indian drink, is savoury and is often made with cumin.

Turmeric is one of the world’s healthiest foods, a powerful anti-inflammatory traditionally used to treat all kinds of disease. It has been shown to reduce the risk and spread of several types of cancer and childhood leukaemia. Best of all is its the bright orange, warming colour and spicy, slightly sweet taste.

Recipe tips
In this recipe we have used frozen banana and oat yogurt/milk to make it dairy-free. You could substitute frozen mango if you wish, or even use dairy yogurt and milk. Many lassi recipes call for 3 or even 4 teaspoons of spice, but as this is intended for the whole family and everyone’s tastebuds are different, we recommend that you start with 1 tsp of each spice and then add more to taste, as required.


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