Flourless zucchini muffins

Suitable from 8 months

Flourless zucchini muffins
Most parents love the idea of their children munching away happily on vegetables and I am no exception. My son loves vegetables, but for those who don’t I am not adverse to being a bit sneaky by hiding vegetables in yummy dishes and hoping they will like them. That way your children will become accustomed to the taste, get the nutrients they need and hopefully when older or in a less fussy phase they will be more likely to eat the vegetable by itself. Well, that’s my theory anyway.

If like me you love the idea of your child getting lots of healthy vitamins from vegetables and you’re often tasked with making lunch or dinner in a rush, you will love this dish. It is mainly zucchini, but it tastes mostly of egg and cheese and it looks like a muffin, which is always a plus where little foodies are concerned. It is also fabulously cheap, simple and easy. You can even get older children to make it whilst you put your feet up and have a cup of tea.

When we made these for the first time on Theo’s second birthday I was doubtful whether the kids would eat them with all the pizza going around, but 40 of them were gone by the time our second lot of guests arrived so I guess I can say they are a hit at kids parties as well. They will also make the house smell delicious.

Recipe tips
As the name suggests these muffins are made with zucchini. You could also make them with broccoli and carrot, yellow squash, spinach or peas. Have a go and let us know what you come up with.

I am not a fan of dairy but sometimes there is nothing like cheese and this is one of those times. If like my son you really can’t do cheese, you could try it with whatever cheese substitute you use. I haven’t found one I like so I can’t recommend one. Maybe you’d like to recommend one to us? Please let us know in the comments below.

Finally, these can be served alone as a snack or with salad or vegetables or perhaps even better with a rich soup. They make great picnic fare, travel quite well and can be refrigerated for a cold lunch but they do taste best straight from the oven.


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  1. Wow these are so easy and my 1 yr old loves them! I’ve made them with zucchini, corn, carrot, peas, and a mixture of these too. They are also great for an adult snack. Yum!

  2. Oooo… awesome recipe which I’m absolutely positive that both my three year old and I will love. And who doesn’t need to squeeze in some extra veggies in their kids diets? 😉

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Thanks Ann-Louise! Glad you like it. It is very quick to make and always popular here with kids and adults alike.

  3. Hi there, I just stumbled upon your site via Pinterest and am so glad I did! I have been looking for a site that has good, sugar-free recipes for baby food and I love your recipes!! Just wondering if I can omit the onions in this recipe? Should I replace with something? I know that when I eat onions my baby gets really bad gas from my milk so I’m fearful that if he were to eat onions on his own it would have the same effect.
    Also, have you worked with coconut flour? I have some on hand but have trouble finding recipes for it.

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi Evelyn, How old is your baby? I understand and I think you could omit the onions but it probably tastes better with them in. I am wondering how old he is because as babies get older they can tolerate more so maybe just a bit of onion would be ok for him. My daughter had the same problem but she can tolerate some onion now. Let us know how you go. Jackie

  4. If you don’t like dairy, lactose free cheese is good. The main issue with dairy is the lactose. Also most people are better with goat’s or sheep’s cheese milk.

    I will try out these muffins tonight with an Italian Beef Stew, think they will be amazing!

    James 😉

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi James,

      We hope you enjoyed them. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  5. Hi! I came across your blog when looking for savoury muffins for kids. You have a great blog and what a yummy sounding (have saved the recipe but haven’t tried it yet!) muffin. My son recently started preschool and because of his nut allergies, I have to pack his lunch so I will be checking out your other recipes for meal ideas!

  6. They look yummy. Have you tried freezing them?

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi Heather,

      No I haven’t. I think they might end up a bit soggy, but it is always worth a try. Cool them completely first, pat them dry with kitchen roll and then put just a few in a freezer bag. Once they are frozen you can store them all together, this will just prevent them from sticking together. Let us know how it works! Jackie