Avocado & strawberry smoothie

Suitable from 8 months

I made up this avocado smoothie one day when my son was going through a fussy patch because of his teeth and didn’t want to eat anything except cold dairy and fruit. It is perfectly normal but nevertheless worrying when a baby with a previously voracious appetite suddenly refuses to eat anything but yogurt and apples.
I worried that he wasn’t getting enough nutrients. I worried that he was going to lose weight and the health visitor would try to make me feed him chocolate and ice-cream (yep, that really happened to a friend of mine – crazy). I even worried that he wouldn’t eat anything but yogurt and fruit ever again and all my good work would be ruined (even crazier).

At some point I stopped worrying and wondered how I could sneak some extra nutrients into his yogurt and fruit. And then I hit on the idea of adding an avocado (I later found out that I am not in fact the inventor of avocado smoothies, but I was pretty proud of my ingenuity at the time and more importantly, my son loved it). In fact he loved it so much that it is hard to give serving sizes. For most children this will make 3 servings, however he and his friend Oliver can eat the entire portion all by themselves and then screech loudly until I make more.
This is the perfect way to get Essential Fatty Acids into fussy eaters. It makes a great snack or even lunch when you’re in a rush. Avocados are high in monunsaturated (good) fats, high in fibre, potassium and vitamins E and K. It is best to use a ripe avocado for extra creaminess.

Recipe tips
You can also add nuts, dried fruits, seeds, soft-shelled hemp seeds or whatever else takes your fancy. Vegans and lactose-intolerant readers can substitute soya or almond milk or water for the yogurt. Just remember to drop us a comment and tell us what you came up with!


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  1. It was pretty good. I used regular yogurt, so it wasn’t as thick. Next time I think I’ll do vanilla to help cover up the aftertaste.

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Brandi, what aftertaste did you get?

      I actually almost prefer a thinner consistency because that way it is easier to drink with a straw. You could also try adding a little apple juice, although that would thin it out even more. Vanilla yogurt would work fine, but it is usually loaded with sugar, which defeats the object somewhat. You could try using sweeter berries – there are two kinds of blueberries, for example and the large American ones I buy are pretty sweet. That might help! You could even try adding a medjool date if you have a good blender, though medjool dates are also quite sugary. If you’re used to sweeter tastes then your tastebuds may take some time to adjust, but they will. A final consideration – which yogurt are you using? I find that some are more bitter than others. Here in Sweden I buy a lactose-free one with nothing added but it is sweeter than the ones with lactose. So you could also experiment with the yogurt and the fruit to see if that gives you a sweeter taste.

  2. I added this to my pinterest healthy recipes 🙂