Gluten-free banana pancakes

Suitable from 4 months

Gluten-Free banana pancakes

Ah pancakes. In the UK pancakes are usually eaten or breakfast or dessert or – as in my family – once a year on shrove Tuesday. In Sweden, sweet pancakes are often served as lunch, especially in schools and on children’s lunch menus in restaurants, cafes and play centres.
We are a gluten-free family, so I was very happy to discover this very simple recipe for healthy pancakes made with just two ingredients a couple of years ago. The consistency is very similar to a regular pancake, they are delicious and everyone in my family loves them. I’ve just made some for breakfast and I’m presently waiting for the chant of ‘more, more, more’ to begin.

Recipe tips
It’s more fun to make this recipe as several mini-pancakes, but if you’re in a hurry you can of course simply make one big pancake and cut it up in the portions needed. We’ve tried a few variations with other ingredients but it does come out best sticking to the two main ingredients in the named quantities.

Serve your pancakes with oat (or other) yoghurt and berries or apple compote, or how about some chopped banana, whipped cream and maple syrup for bigger kids?


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