Gluten-free fish fingers

Suitable from 6 months

Gluten-free fish fingers

This fish finger recipe has a delicate flavor, is soft and easy to chew and is a firm favourite with my son and all of his friends. As a bonus, the fish fingers are gluten-free since they are made with almond flour.

Recipe tips
Normal flour is cheaper, so for those on a budget or with nut allergies, the almond flour can be substituted for breadcrumbs or crushed cornflakes.


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  1. We make a version of this with chicken tenderloins and it is a huge hit with my little picky eaters. Healthy, fun to eat, and so delicious that my husband and I enjoy it for dinner (dipped in a little honey dijon) at least once a week as well. Fish is a regular part of our diet so we look forward to trying this recipe next!


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