Green eggs

Suitable from 6 months

Green eggs
We really enjoy having fun in our kitchen, making our bean salad beetroot-purple and our eggs spinach-green. Thankfully Sam-I-Am was right about green eggs, they really do taste good. This recipe is at its best when eaten after a third reading of Dr Seuss’ ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ when the little ones are begging to try it out for themselves.

Small children are sometimes fussy about green foods so we won’t pretend this is for everyone. My daughter is in a fussy phase and won’t touch it presently, although she has eaten it many times before and her friends and my 4-year old son still tuck in and beg for more. My husband and I love it, especially with a sprinkle of black pepper and some fresh herbs.

Eggs are one of the richest sources of methionine, an essential amino acid which must be obtained in the diet. Methionine helps to balance hormones, has anti-inflammatory properties and increases the absorption of antioxidant nutrients. Spinach is very high in Vitamins K, A, manganese and folate and a good source of Vitamins B, E and C as well as iron and copper. It is also a good source of the anti-inflammatory glycoglycerolipids.

Recipe tips
Any green will do for this recipe. Organic kale is another favourite. Some greens can be quite bitter so for children we recommend sticking to sweeter varieties and avoiding chard. We prefer fresh baby spinach over frozen spinach for this reason.


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