Grilled zucchini pizza bites

Suitable from 8 months

Grilled zucchini pizza bites

This week we ended up with a lot of zucchini. That’s courgette for our UK readers. A friend gave me some from her garden, the neighbour left some when he went on holiday and I had already bought a large batch to make soup. My children love zucchini soup but they don’t like zucchini any other way so I was wondering what to make when I came across this great idea on the internet, making zucchini slices into mini pizza bites. Genius!

Most of the recipes I found online suggested eating the zucchini just slightly grilled; almost raw. I knew my children wouldn’t eat it like that so I decided to grill it for longer and make a slightly softer pizza bite. It was delicious and they ate the lot.

Recipe tips
This recipe calls for a mature cheddar but mozzarella or other kind of medium to hard cheese would work just as well.


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