Lamb & beetroot burgers

Suitable from 10 months

Lamb & beetroot burgers
Whenever we are stuck for ideas for dinner and the day is getting late, we make burgers. Not just any old burgers, but a burger recipe my husband concocted a few years ago, one we haven’t yet managed to beat.

We made them again tonight and I suddenly wondered why we hadn’t shared this recipe with you before. It is the perfect family recipe – full of flavour, nutritious and a very easy way to get some extra vegetables into children who are going through a fussy phase.

We always let Theo help to make these, although this means that he’s handling raw meat. He loves to roll the mixture into balls or patties and I’m a firm believer that if you let children help they will enjoy both the process and the end result – eating them.

Recipe tips
If you don’t like or don’t have the vegetables used in these burgers, why not get creative and add your favourites, or the ones you have. You can make the patties any size you like – smaller ones will just take less time to cook. We usually make a combination of large and small depending who will be eating them.


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