Mini apple pancakes

Suitable from 10 months

Mini apple pancakes
This is a recipe that has been a regular in my family ever since I can remember. My grandparents have a big apple tree in their garden and every fall there’s an abundance of ripe apples available, so we’re making loads of apple cake, apple sauce and also these small apple pancakes which everyone loves. Preparing and frying up enough pancakes for our extended family usually takes some time, but they’re worth waiting for!

Recipe tips
If using butter or another fat/oil with a low smoke point, make sure to fry on low heat to keep your pan from smoking. These pancakes are great on their own, but can also be dusted with a little bit of cinnamon (only for kids over the age of one, if no allergy is present) and served with homemade berry compote such as blueberries, raspberries and the like. If you want to avoid wheat, replace the flour with almond flour but use slightly less (about 2/3) in order to get a similar, pourable consistency. Substitute cows milk with other milks like oat milk, almond milk etc., if needed.


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