Rachel’s lamb & feta meatballs

Rachel's lamb & feta meatballs
This recipe was given to us by our friend Rachel, who has her own very hungry little one who’s about the same age as our sons. He is a big fan of meatballs with tomato sauce so she wanted to share his favorite recipe with us.
One thing I love about meatballs is that you can – just like with our chicken balls – make a bigger batch, freeze leftovers in a plastic container or freezer bag and then defrost portions whenever you need them – great for your last-minute dinner or snack! Left-over tomato sauce from this recipe tastes great even as pasta sauce.

Recipe tips
For a delicious variation use minced beef instead of lamb and replace the feta with buffalo mozzarella cheese. If you are serving your meatballs with couscous, why not add some finely cubed dried apricot, herbs (parsley, mint and basil) and orange rind to your couscous when it’s cooked?


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