Rainbow salad

Suitable from 8 months

Rainbow salad

This salad is a quick, easy, delicious addition to a meal or a meal in itself. It is popular with all the family and an ideal way to get vegetables and salad into small children.

My son piles this onto his plate until nothing else fits: a bowl we made to last two meals lasted less than half an hour.

Recipe tips
Anything that can be grated can be added or substituted. For the littlest foodies, chop the vegetables well after grating them to avoid them getting stuck in the throat. If I have it I often add some shredded kale, which I pulse briefly in the food processor before adding the same dressing by rubbing it into the leaves until they soften up, then tossing it with the rest of the salad.


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  1. Please can I check if the beetroot and zucchini should be cooked before grating? Many thanks, Martin

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi Martin,

      No, we use raw, organic vegetables in this salad. I will send you an email too, in case you don’t receive this. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!