Raw chocolate brownies

Suitable from 10 months

Raw chocolate brownies
Our recipe for these dark, chewy, crunchy, gluten-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free no-cook brownies consists of just a handful of ingredients, all of them raw and unprocessed. Our raw cheesecake base morphed into a brownie one day when I was sampling the base and came up with the idea of adding some thick, chunky walnut pieces, freezing the mass and then cutting it into small pieces to turn them into tasty brownies.

They are delicious on their own, straight from the freezer or serve them with a raw hot fudge sauce (recipe coming soon!).

Recipe tips
I like these brownies chewy and I have found that the best way to make them is to put them in the freezer for about two hours and then eat them straight away. They can also be refrigerated, but they will be slightly softer. If you eave them in the freezer for more then a couple of hours, let them stand at room temperature for a short while before serving.

Use a food processor to process your ingredients for best results.


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  1. I made a double batch of these and individually wrapped them for quick treats during the week. I love them frozen as suggested! The chunky nut bits lend a satisfying texture and remind me of the feel of a chocolate chunk/chip piece in a traditional brownie (have always loved my brownies cold and chewy!). I did substitute pecans for walnuts (my little one has a walnut allergy) and organic dates rolled in coconut for the soaked dates (added a bit of water for the right moisture content) and they came out perfectly. Great recipe!