Roasted carrot & almond hummus

Suitable from 8 months

Roasted carrot & almond hummus
After several recent dinnertime meltdowns, I realized that the solution lies either in serving dinner earlier or in giving my kids a small appetizer to keep them going until dinner is ready. Since we don’t always get home in time to eat earlier than 6.30pm but I don’t want them to eat so much they skip dinner, I’ve been offering up vegetable sticks to crunch on together with a small dip whilst they are waiting. That way, if they eat less than usual I’m happy knowing they filled up on something healthy.
This dip is perfect to keep your kids happy while you make dinner, as a snack or a picnic filler at any time of day. Chick peas are high in fibre, molybendum, manganese, folate, tryptophan, iron and protein. The lemon juice in this recipe contains vitamin C which helps you absorb the non-heme iron. Carrots contain lots of beta-carotene, which is vital for a healthy immune system. Almond butter contains lots of good fats and adds a great crunchy taste.
This isn’t just a recipe for children. We serve this for our adult friends at parties and picnics as well.

Recipe tips
For adults and more adventurous children you can add the optional cumin.


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