Roasted vegetable salad

Suitable from 8 months

Roasted vegetable salad
We love birthdays. We are always so busy all year, so birthdays are our excuse (like we needed one) to bring all our friends together over great food. Our children’s birthdays are no exception: I particularly love the challenge of coming up with healthy treats the kids will love as much as the adults. For Theo’s third birthday we had a bit of an animal theme going on: for the children we made a watermelon hedgehog, a chocolate hedgehog, a raw marzipan owl cake and an alligator salad. The ‘adult’ food included a couple of joints of roasted lamb and lots of different salads, including this roasted vegetable salad that one of the guests was so keen to try she swept it out of my hands before I could finish making it.
Simple, delicious and versatile, this salad tastes best chilled but can be served straight from the oven. It tastes especially delicious with crumbled, mature feta cheese and is a great accompaniment to meat or fish or our favourite way: as part of a platter loaded with lots of different salads.

Recipe tips
Several people asked me for this recipe after the party. They wanted to know if they could roast the vegetables together to save time and the answer is you can, but the tomatoes might make everything soggy so I wouldn’t recommend it. I always get the best results when I roast the tomatoes on a separate tray by themselves.


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