Smashed egg sandwich spread

Suitable from 6 months

Smashed egg sandwich spread
I seem to write a lot about recipes that you can prepare quickly and easily if you are in a rush. Life can be hectic with small children and I’m not always organized, so I find it very useful to have a repertoire of quick and healthy dishes to choose from when one or more tummies needs to be filled and fast.

This recipe doesn’t need much introduction, other than to say that it is very quick to make, very tasty and very popular with children and adults alike. It can be used as a sandwich filling or served with salad. For smaller babies you can add some small cubes of avocado and cucumber (skins removed) and serve as a meal.

Recipe tips
This homemade ‘egg mayonnaise’ is healthier than your average egg mayonnaise because it only uses a little mayonnaise. We recommend omitting the mayonnaise for children under 1 year as mayonnaise contains a fair share of salt. Substitute an extra drizzle of avocado oil as necessary.

For babies, toddlers and pregnant women (or anyone with a compromised immune system) the current recommendation is that eggs should be completely cooked to avoid the risk of salmonella. You can also make this recipe with soft-boiled eggs (approx 5 mins boiling time) if you prefer. Use organic eggs if you can.


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