Homemade fruity nut butter

Suitable from 12 months

Homemade fruity nut butter

I came up with this delicious fruit and nut butter by accident when making our raw chocolate balls. I had decided to blend the nuts first, with just a couple of the dried fruits and some water. I tasted it before adding any spices and realised I had made fruit and nut butter. Yummy!
I still do not know if this is how nut butter is “supposed” to be made but no matter, this version of homemade nut butter is delicious and makes the perfect healthy snack that all children will love.
Just after I had made it, my neighbour knocked on the door. She was very surprised to find me making my own nut butter. It made me think: I buy these things at the store without thinking much about it, but this version is quick, easy and so versatile. Shop-bought doesn’t cut it anymore.

Recipe tips
This butter is very nice with crunchy pieces, but children under the age of 5 can easily choke on whole nuts so blend it well for them. It is best to keep the nut butter in the fridge after making it, since it does not contain preservatives. If you would like to eat it warm, you can heat it slightly in the microwave or in a pan over boiling water before use.


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