Spicy ginger & coconut balls

Suitable from 12 months

Spicy ginger & coconut balls
This is a spicy, wintery version of our chocolate balls. December is a month when we all indulge a little more than usual, so it’s great to have some healthy recipes on hand to make special treats for the little ones and for us adults, too.

Recipe tips
Both powdered and fresh ginger work just as well. Medjool dates don’t need soaking but they are a little more difficult to blend and you may need to add some water as you do so. I prefer using soft dates as they are easier to handle, but they do need to be soaked overnight.


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  2. […] Method 1. Add to a small mug or glass thick enough for a child to hold with a warm drink in it. 2. Add spices and stir until well mixed. 3. Add water and stir. 4. Serve alone, or with one of our new winter ginger balls. […]