Strawberry frozen yoghurt

Suitable from 10 months

Strawberry frozen yoghurt
When we were kids, summer holidays seemed to last forever. Hot days were spent going for bike rides, playing at the beach or the lake, building tree houses and having picnics. And, most of all, eating ice cream! Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a sugar-free strawberry frozen yoghurt that the whole family can enjoy.

Recipe tips
Make sure your strawberries are properly frozen, otherwise this will not turn out like ice cream, but more like a thick smoothie. You can of course replace the strawberries with other frozen fruit such as forest berries or mango.


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  1. Farrah Gillani says:

    Love this recipe – we have ice-cream almost every day! My children are happy as they get a daily treat and I’m happy because it consists of fruit and yoghurt! Thanks ladies.

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Farrah, thanks so much for letting us know! How wonderful. We feel exactly the same. Why not have healthy treats every day!