Apple & carrot muffins

Suitable from 8 months

Apple & carrot muffins

I created this delicious muffin recipe for my son’s first birthday party. Both the children and adults at the party loved them and the best part (apart from the fact they taste great) is that they are healthy, as well as being naturally gluten and lactose-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
If you’re surprised to hear the word muffin and healthy in the same sentence, the reason is very simple. These muffins are made with almond flour (ground almonds), which is an alkaline food and high in protein. It’s the almonds which give these muffins their deliciously moist texture and nutty flavour.

Recipe tips
I usually buy almond flour at the store, but if you need to make it yourself you can do it quite easily. Just pulse your almonds in a food processor for a few minutes (preferably with the skin on, as the skin is high in flavanoids). Be careful not to do this for too long, otherwise you will end up with almond butter.

Taste the mixture before putting the muffins into the oven: if you would like it a bit sweeter, you can add a little extra maple syrup.


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  1. This recipe is fantastic. Really love it. My 18 month old would fight you for one of these ‘muffins’

  2. i am a bit confused about the hemp seeds………translated into german it means seeds of cannabis
    i am pretty sure, that you do not mean this

    thanks for enlightening me

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi Manuela!

      Thank you for your comments. Actually, we do mean hemp seed from the cannabis plant but it isn’t marijuana and the type grown for food and clothes doesn’t have psychoactive properties.

      There are different varieties grown for different purposes. Hemp is used to make natural clothes (probably lots of German clothes as I know there are lots of natural brands).

      It is also a super food amongst other things. You can read about it here.

      The hemp I recommend is shelled (unshelled is very difficult to digest) and organic. There are many different kinds and the pricing varies hugely. I buy it from the UK and it costs about £16 per kilo.

      Jackie X

      • thanks so much for this info, I will check in the wholefoods stores over here if they sell it, i never came across hemps seeds so far


  3. These muffins saved my sanity during a picky eating phase that my refluxing, gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant son went through. Your website is a joy. thank you.

    ps I use agave nectar instead of maple syrup and add in a couple of teaspoons of milled flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, even more goodness. gorgeous.

  4. Hi! I made these yesterday for a Christmas treat, to practice for my son’s upcoming 1st birthday. I did not tell my not-so-healthy wider family that they were “heatlhy” and they LOVED them!
    WIN!…. I admit I did cover the tops in cream cheese icing however, which is a bit of a sugar overload, but hey it’s Christmas! Thanks for the amazing recipes x

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi Holly!

      Thank you so much for letting us know. We are glad that you and your family liked them. Fun idea to cover the tops in cream cheese icing for the grown-ups. That way at your party, everyone is covered! Happy parents in more ways than one.

      Enjoy. XX

  5. These are amazing!! I have made them several times now for my 17 month old and she loves them! Thank you so much for a fabulous, healthy recipe. My husband and friends love them too!!! Thanks! Great site…love the pictures and backgrounds…. so whimsical!

  6. what can i substitute with almond flour?

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi there,

      Hm, you could substitute coconut flour, but not in the same proportions. Would you like me to come up with the right proportions for you? Let me know. Jackie

  7. Hello! Just wondering if another oil could be used vs sunflower oil? Thx!

    • Littlefoodies says:

      Hi Misty
      Absolutely, yes. It is just that sunflower oil doesn’t taste of anything so it works well in recipes. Actually we don’t use vegetable oils anymore, so I will be updating the recipe shortly and will recommend a new one. Thank you for raising this.