Sugar-free homemade tomato sauce

Suitable from 8 months

Sugar-free homemade tomato sauce
My husband and I often discuss tomato sauce, usually heatedly when he’s adding it to a delicious Italian pasta dish I’ve prepared. Because of his sauce obsession, I am always plotting healthier homemade versions of shop-bought jarred or tubed sauces. Even I agree that there are some things that just don’t taste the same without ketchup, albeit the real thing.
This homemade ketchup/tomato sauce is so easy and delicious, and as it is sugar-free, you don’t need to worry about feeding it to your little ones. The whole family will benefit from this lycopene-rich healthy tomato sauce, which tastes great on chicken, homemade burgers, potato wedges and can even be used as a pasta sauce or added to risotto.

Recipe tips
Add some red wine if you are making this for adults. Extra parmesan will give the tomato sauce a stronger taste.


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