Sweet vegetable puree

Suitable from 4 months

Sweet vegetable puree
This delicious creamy puree is likely to be very popular, so make sure you make enough. I remember that when my son was little, I often made the same things over and over again because I knew he would eat them. I could never make enough of this one!

Sweet potato, especially the orange-flesh ones, are extremely rich in beta-carotene, which helps the body produce vitamin A. Asparagus, leek and broccoli are considered superfoods.

Recipe tips
If you are using this baby puree as a first food, you could add a bit of breast milk to add a flavour that your baby is already used to. For a smoother puree, add some of the cooking liquid into the blender until the desired consistency is reached. Once your baby can chew, you can blend the mixture a bit less to achieve a slightly chunky texture. Remember that reducing the cooking time will retain vitamins in the fruits and vegetables you are using.

Freeze leftover puree in individual portions, for example in an ice cube tray, and pop out into a freezer-proof bag or container once frozen. Single puree cubes can conveniently be defrosted in the microwave or in a small pan on low temperature, whenever you need them.


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