Tuna steaks with puttanesca

Suitable from 12 months

Some friends of ours came over for dinner the other night and we made broccoli and cheddar soup with mustard croutons, followed by seared tuna steaks with puttanesca vegetables. The next day one friend sent a message to say that it was possibly the best meal he had ever eaten. I had to agree –
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Rockstar ragu

Suitable from 10 months

Our very own variation of the classic Bolognese sauce! Originally coming from Bologna in northern Italy, ragu is a meat sauce typically served with pasta, containing ground beaf, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and spices. Just like the French ‘ragout’ (a main-dish stew slow-cooked over low heat) the name comes from the word ‘ragoĆ»ter’ which translates ‘to
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