Delicious turmeric banana lassi

Suitable from 8 months

The days are getting shorter and darker as winter approaches and we are spending much more time indoors than we did during the summer. It’s the season of cosy ‘fika’ as they say in Sweden, which roughly means ‘to drink coffee with squash’, usually accompanied by something sweet. For us it just means an excuse
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Moroccan apricot chicken tagine

Suitable from 6 months

The Moroccan cuisine is said to be one of the best and most evolved in the whole world. The country has been exposed to many different cultures over the centuries, and the result is a rich cuisine with many wonderful spices and colours. Tagines or tajines are slow cooked stews traditionally prepared in a special
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Mini falafel

Suitable from 10 months

Even though most people connect falafel with Lebanon or Egypt, it is until this day unclear where it originally came from. Most Middle Eastern countries have their own slightly different version of these yummie little balls made of fava beans or chick peas. Traditionally, falafel are deep-fried in oil, which gives them a lovely crunchy
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