Strawberry frozen yoghurt

Suitable from 10 months

When we were kids, summer holidays seemed to last forever. Hot days were spent going for bike rides, playing at the beach or the lake, building tree houses and having picnics. And, most of all, eating ice cream! Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a sugar-free strawberry frozen yoghurt that the whole family can
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Avocado & strawberry smoothie

Suitable from 8 months

I made up this avocado smoothie one day when my son was going through a fussy patch because of his teeth and didn’t want to eat anything except cold dairy and fruit. It is perfectly normal but nevertheless worrying when a baby with a previously voracious appetite suddenly refuses to eat anything but yogurt and
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Strawberry crumble smoothie

Suitable from 6 months

I love plain yogurt, but there are times when only a fruity yogurt will do. Since the shop-bought ones all contain sugar or artificial sweetener (yes, all of them!) I always make my own. This sweet, fruity smoothie is almost a meal in itself. It makes the perfect healthy mid-afternoon snack for all the family.
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