Warming winter cocoa

Suitable from 12 months

Warming winter cocoa
This yummie cocoa drink is the perfect winter warmer. It couldn’t be simpler, the whole family can enjoy it and it’s a super health drink to boot.
Researchers at Cornell University in the US have recently found that a cup of hot cocoa contains a whole lot of antioxidants and flavanols. Cocoa is also high in Magnesium, which can prevent cardiovascular problems, promote healthy blood vessels, relieve PMS symptoms in girls and women, relax muscles and regulate blood sugar levels. Throughout the Middle Ages cocoa was prescribed to help with everything from improving digestion to producing more breast milk.

Read more about cocoa as a super food here.

NB: For all its health benefits, cocoa can interfere with the absorption of iron and other nutrients, so drink this separately from iron-rich meals.

Recipe tips
You may think that small children will find raw, unsweetened cocoa too bitter, but in our experience they love it so long as you add a little milk – oat or almond milk both work well. Cow’s milk can be used from 1 year, but we like the natural sweetness of oat milk best. Remember that small children who have never tasted sweet cocoa are not accustomed to sweet drinks the way we adults tend to be, so it’s a great way to set them on the road to loving the darker, healthier versions of chocolate products.

A personal favorite of ours is Valrhona cocoa powder – or for those in Sweden Kung Markatta cocoa powder – but any unflavoured, unsweetened dark cocoa powder you can find will do the job!
Note: Always make sure to test the temperature of your hot chocolate before serving it to children! Add more cold milk if required to cool the drink.


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