Introducing solids

Introducing solids
The guidelines for introducing solids to babies have changed dramatically over the years and still vary between countries. There are however a few things that almost all countries agree on. Solids should never be introduced before 4 months of age (unless your pediatrician gives you a valid reason to do so). The ideal age to introduce solids differs from child to child, but 4-6 months is recommended in many countries. The UK still recommends waiting until 6 months of age. When introducing solids you should watch for signs of being ready for solids.

They are:
1. Holding head up and controlling head movements;
2. Sitting well when supported;
3. Making chewing motions;
4. Doubling his or her birth weight;
5. Being unsatisfied after a full milk feed;
6. Demanding increasing and more frequent milk feeds;
7. Attempting to put things in his or her mouth;
8. After a period of sleeping through the night waking in the night with hunger;
9. Interest in food/curiosity.