Gluten-free chicken, apple & pear balls

Suitable from 6 months

Gluten-free chicken, apple & pear balls
This delicious recipe is nutritious and makes a great first finger food for young children. It is the perfect way to sneak fruits and/or vegetables into those who are in a “no-vegetable” stage. Even fussy eaters have screeched for asked politely for more at our house.

Recipe tips
These chicken balls can be eaten hot or cold and the fruit/vegetables can be varied as required. As usual we recommend using home-grown, local-grown or organic fruits, vegetables and meats for young children where available.
We recommend at least one grated fruit as it adds texture and helps to bind the chicken into balls. Good fruits to add include cranberries, raisins, mango and figs.
You can also make these balls without any eggs or almond flour. Both versions taste great eaten cold the next day and make a great picnic food.